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Chia Chuan Liu

Chia Chuan Liu

Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center
125 Li-Der Road
Pei-Tou District
Taipei  11259
886-2-28970011 ext 1760
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Surgeon - Cardiothoracic




         Dr. Chia-Chuan Liu graduated from China Medical University in 1992, and completed his residency and fellowship training in the Veteran General Hospital-Taipei in 2000. He has a short-term visit to Duke University and Pittsburg Presbyterian hospital in 2007 for more advance minimally invasive surgery about lung and esophageal cancer. He now heads the thoracic surgery division in Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, the first cancer specific hospital in Taiwan, and has chaired the minimally invasive committee since 2008 till 2012.

         His clinical interest is multimodality and minimally invasive surgery for lung and esophageal cancer. He initiated the VATS forum in Taiwan early in 2005, doing live demonstration surgery for VATS lobectomy and minimally invasive esophagectomy for both Taiwan and foreign chest surgeons, collaborated with other leaders to set up animal lab workshop in Taiwan, and been invited frequently as a foreign speaker in many conferences and training programs in Asia. He is also now further engaged in establishing the “Taiwan Esophageal Cancer Study Group” and published several articles based on a national-wide database – Taiwan Cancer Registry, and on novel single port VATS techniques for lung cancer.

Reviewer - annal of surgical oncology, Disease of esophagus, BMC cancer, Journal of thoracic disease


Representative Publications:

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Other Interests

VATS, MIE, single incision, uniportal VATS, LESS, subxiphoid single incision


Esophageal cancer, lung cancer