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Subxiphoid Single Incision Lung Resection

Monday, March 9, 2015

This video demonstrates how to create a subxiphoid port for use in wedge resection, lobectomy, or segmentectomy for lung cancer. The best indications for subxiphoid single incision are cN0 lung cancer, metastatic lung cancer, or a right side lesion. Subxiphoid single incision is not a good option for radical mediastinal lymph node dissection, but sampling of every station is quite easy. The limitations of this approach are complete mediastinal lymph node dissection, antracotic lymph nodes, diffuse adhesion, re-operation, and major bleeding management.


Traditional decubitus position for lobectomy and possible back side lung lesions Supine position for bilateral anterior located lung lesions, possible RML lobectomy and localized thymoma subxiphoid single incision is near the 5-6 intercostal space but route for instruments insertion was parallel to mediastinum Endoflex by Olympus or Endocameleon by storz are better than traditional 30 degree thoracoscope

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