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Post-COVID-19 Symptoms and Conditions Among Children and Adolescents

Friday, August 5, 2022

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Source Name: Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)


Lyudmyla Kompaniyets, Lara Bull-Otterson, Tegan K. Boehmer, Sarah Baca, Pablo Alvarez, Kai Hong, Joy Hsu, Aaron M. Harris, Adi V. Gundlapalli, Sharon Saydah
The topic of symptoms and conditions that result from prior COVID-19 infection over four weeks after infection is a great topic of concern. New research from the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) aims to further assess potential risks for select children and adolescents. Whereas previous studies have characterized conditions in adults, this study builds on limited data among children and adolescents. The study assessed nine potential post-COVID signs and symptoms and fifteen potential post-COVID conditions among roughly 780 thousand laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 positive U.S. citizens aged 0–17 against over 2.3 million COVID-19 negative citizens of the same age bracket.

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