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Heart Failure

April 3, 2024
The device manufacturer Abiomed has issued a recall, issued Class I by the FDA, for its left-sided heart pumps due to cases in which the pump catheter has perforated the left ventricle wall. In its letter, Abiomed advised clinicians to carefully position the pump catheter, use imaging to aid in positioning, and to use caution in high-risk patients.
March 19, 2024
Heart transplantation (HT) is the only life extending option in adults with congenital heart disease (CHD) and end stage heart failure. This study evaluated outcomes after heart transplantation in adults with univentricular versus biventricular CHD. One-hundred-forty-nine patients were included, 55 of whom (36.9 percent) had univentricular CHD.
January 23, 2024
Interesting conclusion on superiority of CRT over ICD
August 24, 2023
The authors present the first autoregulated total artificial heart implant in the United States. The Aeson total artificial heart provides biventricular support with improvements in hemocompatibility and autoregulation in response to higher filling pressures, when compared to previous generations.
June 1, 2023
The first official guidelines for implantable mechanical circulatory support (MCS) were published in 2013 by the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT).
June 1, 2023
A large RCT suggesting superiority of the transcatheter 'Alfieri' (Mitra-clip, edge to edge) repair over BMT. .
February 23, 2023
The first minimally invasive artificial heart transplant surgery in China was completed in a patient experiencing severe heart failure. By implanting the left ventricular assist device using only two small incisions, surgeons were able to increase the patient’s quality of life as he waits for a donor heart.
February 12, 2023
This guideline on acute mechanical circulatory support covers medical and surgical treatment of cardiogenic and pulmonary shock, management of patients supported with temporary mechanical circulatory support devices, complications, special populations, as well as palliative care, social and ethical dilemmas.
October 21, 2022
A new study shows that white heart transplant patients are twice as likely to receive a heart transplant or ventricular assist device as Black heart transplant patients, perpetuating existing inequalities in healthcare access. Experts emphasize that this is due to differences in education and access, not biological determinants.
September 30, 2022
This editorial describes the evolving pathway of diagnosing a disease that is predicted to augment the indication for orthotopic cardiac transplantation. Cardiac involvement of sarcoidosis accounts for the majority of deaths in sarcoidosis patients, so it is important to better understand its symptoms.