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5 CABG Procedure Videos to Expand Your Knowledge

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

As one of the most performed cardiac surgical procedures worldwide, the coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) is important to understand in all of its variations. This roundup of CTSNet’s most popular CABG content over the past few years includes helpful material on nuances of the procedure, from complex composite grafting, to minimally invasive CABG, to re-CABG, and more.

1. Left Ventricle Pseudoaneurysm Repair and CABG Through the Left Anterior Minithoracotomy

By Anton Marchenko, Oleksandr Babliak, Dmytro Babliak, Demianenko Volodymyr

In this case, CABG became necessary after the patient initially presented with a left ventricle pseudoaneurysm. Through a minithoracotomy, the surgeon was able to complete aneurysm repair and perform LIMA to LAD anastomosis, demonstrating the versatility of CABG.

2. Concomitant Minimally Invasive CABG with LV Restoration and Mitral Valve Replacement

By Oleksandr Babliak, Demianenko Volodymyr, Dmytro Babliak, Anton Marchenko

Similarly, the authors of this video demonstrate the benefit of performing multiple procedures through the same minithoracotamy, allowing for CABG to compliment left ventricle repair and mitral valve replacement.

3. Complex Composite Grafting in CABG: Double Y Graft Using Bilateral BIMA and PDA Endarterectomy

By Vishal Khullar

Because total arterial revascularization in CABG has been linked to better survival rates, this author demonstrates the complex method in a detailed video. He uses the double Y graft method, which is an alternative to side-to-side anastomosis that is less likely to cause kinking that disrupts blood flow.

4. Redo Off-Pump CABG Via Left Thoracotomy

By John Brookes, Cheng-Hon Yap

When a CABG needs to be redone, it can be technically challenging due to more difficult sternal re-entry and more advanced coronary disease. In this case, surgeons use a left thoracotamy to avoid a repeat sternotomy, and harvest a saphenous vein graft to aid in repair.

5. Recycling of the LIMA Graft in Off Pump Re-CABG to Achieve Total Arterial Revascularization

By Giuseppe Tavilla, Amber Malhotra, Daniel Beckles, Mustafa Baldawi, Thomas d'Amato, Ramachandra Reddy

Finally, in a different approach to the redo CABG, the authors of this video demonstrate their method of using a recycled left internal mammary artery graft in combination with other arteries to preserve and utilize areas that have not been damaged by disease.


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