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5 Videos on Surgical Innovations in Lung Cancer Treatment

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

New techniques and technologies are constantly being developed in surgical treatment for lung cancer. These recent CTSNet videos demonstrate some of the most popular and innovative techniques, including uniportal VATS resection, robotic assisted lobectomy, and surgical management of rare and complex lung cancers.

1. Uniportal VATS Sleeve Resection of the Bronchus Intermedius
By Rihards Mikilps-Mikgelbs, Ints Silins, Marina Gaidukova

First up, this surgical team resected a bronchus tumor by performing parenchyma-sparing sleeve resection of the bronchus intermedius with the possibility of bronchial sleeve middle lobectomy in case of middle lobe bronchus infiltration by the tumor.

2. An Easy Way to Perform a Biportal VATS Right Pneumonectomy
By Sergio Forti Parri, Alessandro Cipolli, Pietro Bertoglio, Kenji Kawamukai, Jury Brandolini, Piergiorgio Solli

Minimally invasive right pneumonectomy can be a complicated procedure, but in the absence of hilar involvement by both neoplasm and lymph nodes, the authors of this video show how it can be feasible for all surgeons with minimally invasive experience.

3. Surgical Management of Oligopersistent and Oligoprogressive ALK+ Lung Cancer
By Anne Montal, Justin Olivera, Roger Zhu, Neel Chudgar, Marc Vimolratana, Brendon Stiles

The next video demonstrates that, while radiation has traditionally been important, surgery can play a crucial role in the treatment of recurring non-small cell lung cancer. Surgeons use a robotic assisted approach to manage this oligopersistent lung cancer.

4. RATS Bilateral Lobectomy and Tangential Resection of Left Main Pulmonary Artery
By Altan KIR, Cagatay Tezel

Next up, this video demonstrates how a robotic subxiphoid approach to left main pulmonary artery resection provides more freedom of movement and less postoperative pain than a traditional approach.

5. Robotic-Assisted Middle Lobe Sleeve Lobectomy for Carcinoid Tumor
By Kenji Kawamukai, Jury Brandolini, Pietro Bertoglio, Piergiorgio Solli

Finally, after a tumor was discovered incidentally, removal by robotic lobectomy was performed to minimize time to recovery.

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