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CTSNet Step-by-Step Series: Midline Sternotomy

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Jayakumar, Shruti; Harling, Leanne; Dunning, Joel; Varzaly, Jason; Edwards, James (2017): CTSNet Step-by-Step Series: Midline Sternotomy.
CTSNet, Inc.
Retrieved: 20:17, Sep 05, 2017 (GMT)

This video demonstrates a midline sternotomy. The authors detail the procedure in a step-by-step fashion, using diagrams and surgical video to illustrate key technical elements.


Nice work, but keep in mind where and with whom you train in how to stay in midline of the body of the sternum. Identifying the intercostal spaces with bovie in each side of the body at the 3rd space is paramaount. The half way distance is where the saw should pass in order to maintain perfection. This will help in better wound healing, hemisterum approximation, prevent iatrogenic fractures especially in osteoporotic breastbones.
Using cautery to make the incision predisposes to tissue damage and infection.Cautery can be used (lowest power of pure coagulation current) for point hemostasis. Midline is best determined by the decussation of the pectoral muscles.

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