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CTSNet's 10 Most Popular Articles of November 2022

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

November’s top content includes a definitive roundup of step-by-step cardiac procedures, a featured profile packed with valuable insights, a sneak peek at a few Resident Video Competition submissions (deadline for entries in this year’s competition is December 30, 2022), and more.

1. 5 Step-by-Step Cardiac Procedures to Strengthen Your Skills
By Cameron Lind
The most popular article this month pulls together five videos and articles that give an easy-to-follow approach to popular cardiac surgical procedures. With the variation of skills and procedures present in cardiovascular surgery, a video or article with distinct and informative steps can clarify both simple and complex procedures.

2. Robotic Assisted Repair of Large Iatrogenic Tracheal Laceration with ECMO Support
By João Marcelo Toscano de Brito, Oswaldo Junior, Gustavo Saliba, Guilherme Carvalho, Evelyn Nakahira, Thiago Gaudio, Andre Miotto, Marcos Samano
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of postintubation tracheal lacerations has increased. This video demonstrates the benefits of using robotic-assisted surgery to repair a large tracheal laceration in a COVID patient. In appropriate cases, this method can lead to better outcomes for patients with severe tracheal injuries.

3. Featured Profile: Dr. Sameh Said
By Sameh Said, Cameron Lind
November’s featured profile focuses on Dr. Sameh Said, who has dedicated the last twenty years to building an impressive pediatric cardiac surgery career in Egypt and the United States. His interview with CTSNet includes his take on innovations in cardiac surgery, his favorite leadership advice, and more.

4. Interdigitating Technique for Repair of Aortic Coarctation and Arch Hypoplasia in a Neonate
By Sameh Said, Mina Estafanos
This video is a submission for this year’s Resident Video Competition. It demonstrates repair of aortic coarctation and arch hypoplasia in a newborn. Medical student Mina Estafanos and surgeon Dr. Said and give technical tips and tricks on successfully repairing these complex congenital defects.

5. A Guide to Robotic Assisted Single Vessel Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery
By Atiq Rehman
In a step-by-step article, Dr. Rehman gives a thorough rundown of robotic-assisted CABG best practices, including tips for robotic setup and LIMA takedown. It is a great resource for those looking to start a robotic-assisted coronary artery bypass program, or for current surgeons looking for a different perspective.

6. Correction of Anomalous Origin of Right Subclavian Artery from Distal Thoracic Aorta
By Alexander Reynolds, Mario Fittipaldi, Clare Skerritt, Massimo Caputo
The next video demonstrates a rare congenital case, showcasing correction of an anomalous right subclavian artery (aRSA) originating from the distal thoracic aorta by transection and anastomosis of aRSA to the right carotid artery.

7. Training a Resident in Uniportal Complex Segmentectomy
By Mohamed Diab, Rakesh Krishnadas, Igor Saftic
While recent trials have allowed standard segmentectomies to be adopted internationally, this video demonstrates the value of training residents in more complex cases. In this case, Indocyanine green and uniportal technology are used to aid in the procedure.

8. Ancona Live Virtual Course: Minimally Invasive Transcatheter Surgery
By Marco Di Eusanio, Cameron Lind
This live virtual course, directed by Professor Marco Di Eusanio, was recorded in June 2022. A panel of cardiothoracic surgery experts gathered at University Hospital Ospedali Riuniti in Ancona, Italy to discuss minimally invasive and transcatheter surgery. Each session broadcasts a surgery from an OR and features a discussion from surgeons.

9. Robotic Resection of Large Anterior Mediastinal Mass
By Luminita Amaranducai, Gerardo Mordojovich, Jean-Marc Baste
While large mediastinal masses have traditionally been removed via sternotomy, this video shows how a minimally invasive robotic approach by an experienced surgeon can lead to less pain and a faster recovery.

10. Double Switch for CC-TGA with Technical Modifications
By Stephanie Nguyen, Ismail Bouhout, Emile Bacha
Finally, another of this year’s Resident Video Competition submissions, this video demonstrates key technical modifications on a double switch operation with an arterial switch and modified Senning procedure for congenitally corrected transposition.


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