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A Handbook for Staging, Imaging, and Lymph Node Classification
by Clifton F. Mountain, MD; Herman I. Libshitz, MD; and Kay E. Hermes
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 Preface page 3-4
 The Revised Staging System for Lung Cancer page 5-8
   TNM Definitions page 5-6
   Stage Grouping of TNM Subsets page 7-8
 Illustrations and Imaging page 9-41
   TX, TO, T1, T2, T3, T4 page 9-21
   N1, N2, N3 page 22-25
   M1 page 26-27
   Stages IA, IB page 28-30
   Stages IIA, IIB page 31-34
   Stage IIIA page 35-37
   Stage IIIB page 38-41
   Stage IV page 41
 Regional Lymph Node Classification page 42-48
   Lymph node map page 44-45
   Definitions for Lymph Node Stations page 46-48
 Imaging in the Staging of Lung Cancer page 49-50
 Applications of the System page 50-58
   Implications of Biologic Factors page 50
   Staging as a Guide for Treatment page 50-51
   Staging for Small Cell Carcinoma page 51-52
   Recommendations for Staging When the Rules Don't Fit page 52-58
   Synchronous Multiple Primary Lung Cancers page 55-57
   Bronchioalveolar Carcinoma page 58
 Implication of Staging for Survival Rates page 59-67
 Epilogue page 68
 Appendix (Data Source and Statistical Methods) page 69
 References page 70-71
Copyright © 1999 - 2003 by CF Mountain and HI Libshitz, Houston, Texas. All rights reserved.

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