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Opening of Aortic Valve during Exercise is Key to Preventing Development of Aortic Insufficiency during Ventricular Assist Device Treatment.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

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Imamura, Teruhiko; Kinugawa, Koichiro; Nitta, Daisuke; Hatano, Masaru; Ono, Minoru

This is a follow up study by the investigators on aortic valve opening during continuous flow LVAD support. Their earlier study looked at the rate of aortic insufficiency during CF LVAD support therapy comparing patients who achieved aortic valve opening during rest versus those who did not. This current study examines the compression of patients who achieve aortic valve opening versus those patients who do not achieve this during exercise and the rate of aortic insufficiency development.  Findings included improved exercise tolerance and decreased re-admission rates for those patients who achieved aortic valve opening. The investigators recommend aggressive cardiac rehabilitation programs to decrease AI and improve QOL for patients treated with CF LVAD devices.

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