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CTSNet’s 10 Most Popular Articles of February 2023

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

February was a busy month for CTSNet. This month’s list of top ten content includes the release of our 25th Anniversary celebration video, a collection pulled together for Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, webinars, and more educational videos.

1. Valve Replacement for Mitral Annular Calcification
By Gorav Ailawadi, Yoyo Wang, Aldin Ahmetovic

The most popular video this month presents a step-by-step demonstration of mitral valve replacement using a SAPIEN 3 balloon expandable valve and a minithoracotomy approach to treat a calcified mitral annulus.

2. Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week: 5 Videos to Expand Your Knowledge
By Cameron Lind

CTSNet celebrated Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week with a collection of five popular congenital videos published recently on the site. Congenital heart defects affect one in every one hundred babies born each year around the world, and these videos cover a variety of common procedures to treat them.

3. Contemporary Approaches to Transplantation and Mechanical Life Support
By Abbas Ardehali, Ankit Bharat, Espeed Khoshbin, Asif Hasan, Robert Kormos

Next up, view the recording of an expert panel from the 2022 SCTS Annual Meeting that covers cardiac and thoracic mechanical assist devices over a series of expert presentations. The session concludes with a discussion among the panel.  

4. Norwood Procedure with Closure of an Aortic Left Atrial Appendage Fistula
By Massimo Caputo, Giulia Parolari, Manraj Sandhu, Andrew Parry, Alastair Keith

February was a big month for congenital videos. This rare case of hypoplastic left heart syndrome with a large aortic root to left atrial appendage fistula in a newborn baby was treated with the Norwood procedure and ligation of the fistula.

5. Right Thoracoscopic First Rib Resection for Arterial Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
By Jean-Luc Duval, Francesco Di Chiara

This video demonstrates minimally invasive uniportal VATS rib resection, a common solution for subclavian artery compression. A minimally invasive methods allows for a faster recovery time—especially helpful when treating bilateral symptoms.

6. CTSNet Celebrates 25 Years of Serving the Global Cardiothoracic Community
By CTSNet Staff

To celebrate twenty-five years of connecting the global cardiothoracic community, CTSNet community members new and old told us what they appreciate about the site and our free collection of cardiothoracic surgery resources. Learn more about how CTSNet grew from a visionary idea into the largest collection of CT surgery videos online.

7. Sponsored Content: Medtronic Case Presentations and Hallway Conversations on Mitral Valve Repair
By Steven Bolling, Jo Chikwe, A. Pieter Kappetein

In this Global Grand Rounds session sponsored by Medtronic, panelists discuss several cases of mitral valve prolapse and their repair techniques.

8. Uniportal VATS Right Basal Segmentectomy with Indocyanine Green Imaging
By Aris Koryllos, Merve Deniz

Next up is a video demonstrating removal of an endobronchial carcinoid. Surgeons used indocyanine green imaging in a uniportal approach to complete a segmentectomy from S7 to S10. This is another important example of minimally invasive surgery for lung cancer treatment.

9. Cardiac Surgery in Haiti: High Need, Low Support
By Louvenser Minthor, Jean Wilguens Lartigue, Dominique Vervoort, Owen Robinson, A. Thomas Pezzella

In this rundown of historical data and contemporary efforts, the authors describe the state of local cardiac surgery in Haiti, the initiatives implemented by NGOs, and what the country needs to improve cardiac surgical care for its citizens.

10. Circumferential Resection of an Extracardiac Mediastinal Teratoma
By Monroe McKay, Christian Eisenring, Lawrence Greiten

Finally, a Resident Video Competition submission rounds out the top ten. This video demonstrates the removal of a mediastinal teratoma through a midline sternotomy. While material from the teratoma had entered the pericardium, it was fully resected and found to be benign.


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